Belize International Limited Liability Companies (Belize LLCs)

Belize Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are one of the newest enhancements to Belize's burgeoning offshore sector. With the International Limited Liability Companies Act of 2011, Belize now offers added flexibility as a destination for offshore business and investment.

Belize LLCs offers both the advantages of a corporation and the advantages of a partnership without the disadvantages of either. Some features of a Belize International Limited Liability Company are outlined below.

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Legal System: Common Law

Shelf Companies Available: Yes

Non-English Company Name allowed: Yes

Time to Incorporate: 2-5 Days

Change in Domicile Permitted: Yes

Taxation on Profits: No

Exchange Controls: No

Corporate Requirements

Minimum Members: 1

Minimum Managers: 1

Duration: Perpetual

Limited Liability: Yes

Location of Meetings: Anywhere

Corporate Managers Permitted: Yes

Administration: Anywhere

Local Requirements

Registered Office/Agent: Yes

Company Secretary: No

Manager: No

Meetings: No

Public Filings

Managers: No

Members: No

Beneficial Owners: No

Accounts: No

Annual Requirements

Minimum Government Fee: US$150

Annual Return: No

Accounts: Yes

Audited Accounts: No

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