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December 5, 2012 - How to Establish Permanent Residency in Belize

You’ve been to Belize and become infatuated by the country. Who can blame you? Now you want to become a permanent resident by relocating to Belize. This process always takes time, but fortunately for you, Belize is known as the easiest country to establish foreign residency in throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The application process for obtaining permanent residency in Belize generally takes from a few months to around a year. The basic requirements include:

  • Fill out a Belize Permanent Residency Application form
  • Take an HIV test
  • Submit a recent police certificate showing you have no criminal convictions
  • Provide two recommendations from individuals you have known you for at least a year (a reputed lawyer qualifies, hint hint)
  • Pay the application fee, which varies by country
  • You cannot leave the country for a period of more than two consecutive weeks during the previous year (because you are showing that you are in Belize often)

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Applications need to be submitted in person at the Immigration and Nationality Department Ministry of National Security and Immigration in Belmopan City.

Once you receive permanent residency, you can work in Belize like any citizen of Belize, and you can travel to and from Belize without any restrictions. And after five years of being a Belize permanent resident, you will be eligible for full citizenship.

Not too difficult, right? You might be able to navigate the process for yourself, but as a law firm in Belize with a deep level of experience on immigration matters, Wrobel & Co. Attorneys at Law is here to help. Our Belize retirement lawyers know the ins, the outs, and the shortcuts of the Belize immigration process.

When you have any question about becoming a permanent resident in Belize or retiring in Belize or buying land in Belize, please think of us as your go-to Belize legal firm for answers. Contact us today.

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