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October 20, 2015 - Southwest to Belize: Your Belize Retirement Just Got Easier

A positive development and a harbinger of things to come: Southwest Airlines recently launched daily nonstop flights from Houston in the United States to Belize City! 

This means that if you are a current Belize retiree or are planning on retiring in Belize, your Belize retirement just got closer … figuratively speaking, of course.  Below is firsthand proof from Managing Partner Ryan Wrobel.

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This is big news for Belize business and North Americans with assets in Belize, or for those thinking about buying real estate in Belize or retiring in our country. Being able to travel more easily to Belize is advantageous, and Houston is a major hub for Americans and Canadians traveling from every part of the continent.

And the news is simply good for Belize. Connectivity facilitates business, and more connectivity means more business. More business will translate into more money moving into the Belizean economy (similar to what has happened with the booming of Belize’s offshore sector).

Belize is conveniently situated at the center of Central America, North America, and the Caribbean. Flights to other locations throughout the Western Hemisphere are easily accessible, and things are only getting better.

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As a Belize law firm with Belize retirement attorneys who have specialised in linking foreigners (including many North Americans) with enjoyable Belize retirements, we know that more money and development mean increased real estate prices and more investment opportunities.  And more importantly, North American retirees will now be able to visit home more easily .. and perhaps more importantly, return to Belize more easily, too!  Belize was already the most attractive place to retire in the Western Hemisphere, because of initiatives like the Belize Qualified Retirement Program (Belize QRP).  Now we just got a little more connected, as well.

Increased connectivity with North America will not harm the Belize you know and love. Ours is a tourist-based economy already, well-adapted to an influx of tourists who arrive every year to hike up incredible Mayan ruins like the ones at Xunantunich, explore the second largest barrier reef in the world, hike hundreds of cave systems. Belize is used to the comings and goings of visitors appreciating its vast beauty.

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