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November 11, 2013 - Real Estate Development in Corozal

You’re looking into buying a home in Belize or buying land in Belize. A good starting point might be in a place the AARP named the one of the best places to retire in the world. (And the AARP knows retirement, so if they tell you to consider retiring in Belize, it carries weight.)

The place? Corozal. Corozal is in the northern part of Belize, close the part of Mexico that is home to areas like Playa Carmen and Cancún which are famous for their beaches. (And the Caribbean Sea doesn’t recognize international borders, so the ones in Corozal are every bit as nice.) Corozal Town is the region’s primary city, offering a hub of commerce and activity where you can chat with other expats and stock up on First World amenities before returning to your beach bungalow.

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Historically, buying real estate in Corozal has been even more affordable than other beachfront destinations in Belize. You can buy a home in Corozal for less than US$100,000, although if you can manage closer to US$150,000, you’ll have a larger selection of homes to choose from. If you can swing more than that, you’ll be looking at the Caribbean Sea when your eyes first open in the morning.

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