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September 28, 2015 - Buying Property in Placencia

The sparkling Caribbean on one side, the Mayan Mountains and a lush lagoon on the other, real estate right on the beach.

You must be in Placencia, a narrow and sandy peninsula along the southern coastline of Belize. Placencia, located in Stann District, is an ideal destination for an upscale vacationer or expat looking for adventurous outdoor activities such as scuba diving, fly-fishing, and kayaking. The more observant visitor might choose inland tours of Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve or the Monkey River, aptly named for their offerings.

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All this and a chill atmosphere, yes, but Placencia also has some of the best restaurants in the country, and feels more connected (in a good way) that some of the more remote parts of Belize. Placencia has modern supermarkets, expat-run bars and clubs where you’ll have no trouble finding Champions League or NFL games, a domestic airport, and a medical clinic.

The combination of relaxation with adventure makes Placencia one of my personal favorite beach paradises.

Interested in retiring or relocating in Belize and like the sound of this blog? Here’s a suggestion: take a vacation to Placencia to see how you like it? I recommend Robert’s Grove for a relaxing experience.

Looking for a bite to eat while you're there? Try Rum Fish nearby.

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To learn more about real estate in Belize, visit our Belize Real Estate FAQ page here.

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