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Whether you’re moving to Belize or looking for an investment opportunity (or both), real estate here is cheap, plentiful, and easily acquired by non-citizens.

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November 14, 2018 - Synergies Between Cryptocurrency and Offshore Jurisdictions

How do offshore services tie in with cryptocurrencies in Belize? They help resolve some difficulties involved in handling crypto. For example, when you purchase crypto, there is a fairly obvious privacy-weak-link in the entity who receives your fiat payment and sends you cryptocurrency, or vice versa ... (read more)

September 24, 2018 - Chat with an Expat: Opening a Restaurant and Raising a Daughter in Belize with Pam and John from New York

We spoke with Pamela and John Solomon who left New York to open a restaurant in Placencia, Belize. In this interview, Pamela shared some of the differences between setting up a business in the US and Belize ... (read more)

May 14, 2018 - Chat with an Expat: Geckos Eat Mosquitos and Other Things to Love About Caribbean Life with Michelle Lyons

We spoke with Michelle Lyons, a real estate agent in Belize and owner of the Gecko Bungalow. She shared her experience with restarting her real estate career in Belize and, the coolest part of the year! ... (read more)

March 12, 2018 - How To Avoid Belize Real Estate Scams And Con Artists (Part 3)

Welcome to March, the only month that moves. And in beautiful Belize, some things never stop moving, like the year-round tropical weather, the affordable cost of living and, unfortunately ... (read more)

February 28, 2018 - Is Belize Safe? Know Before You Go

Traveling overseas to another country can be daunting. Finding ways to stay safe, even when you may be in a location deemed safe by authorities, is always a smart step to take when traveling... (read more)

January 17, 2018 - Buying Real Estate in Placencia

Placencia is one of the most popular spots in Belize for expats looking to buy real estate. Located in Stann District in the south of Belize, Placencia is a ... (read more)

January 9, 2018 - Chat with an Expat: Taking Care of Business in Belize with Macarena Rose from the USA

We spoke with Macarena Rose, founder of Rainforest Realty in Belize and Realtor for HGTV’s House Hunters International! She shared the challenges of setting up a business in Belize ... (read more)

August 1, 2017  - Chat with an Expat: Living in the Corozal District, Belize with Grant D'Eall from Canada

In our new Chat with an Expat series, we spoke with Grant D’Eall about why people who are bound for Belize should consider moving to Corozal District ... (read more)

April 17, 2017 - Belize Real Estate Trends in 2017

During the financial planning of tax season, our Belize law office always experiences an uptick in inquires about Belize real estate investment opportunities ... (read more)

November 25, 2016 - Buying Real Estate in Placencia

Placencia is one of the most popular spots in Belize for expats looking to buy real estate. Located in Stann District in the south of Belize, Placencia is a ... (read more)

July 10, 2016 - Belize Real Estate - Market Overview, Tips, and More

Among the many factors that make Belize a great place, the affordability of property and housing is high atop the list for many expats. Buying a home in Belize ... (read more)

March 28, 2016 - How to Avoid Belize Real Estate Scams and Con Artists (Part 2)

Our Belize law firm’s recent post about how to avoid con artists in Belize received a bunch of feedback. So back by (un)popular demand: more on Belize real estate ... (read more)

February 6, 2016 - How to Avoid Belize Real Estate Scams and Con Artists

Property and land titles in Belize could not be more secure … once you have a legit one in hand. Unfortunately, you only need to type “Belize real estate scam” ... (read more)

January 13, 2016 - The Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Belize

Belize is an amazing country, with something for everybody considering retiring in Belize. (Except first world headaches, of course.) As we embark upon 2016 ... (read more)

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December 8, 2015 - Bound for Belize: How Homes in Belize Differ From Homes in North America

So you’re interested in Belize real estate! Whether you are looking to buy a Belize vacation home, build a permanent residence, or simply relocate to Belize for a while ... (read more)

October 31, 2015 - Belize Real Estate Agents Can Be Scary

Fact: You don’t need any sort of license to be a real estate agent in Belize. Any Belize resident can sell real estate and advertise their real estate services ... (read more)

October 28, 2015 - Where Is the Best Place To Buy Real Estate in Belize?

Our Belize law firm receives variations of this question often from seasoned expats, vacationers, and people overseas doing their research.  Naturally, the best location for ... (read more)

October 19, 2015 - Southwest to Belize: Your Belize Real Estate Just Got Closer

Southwest Airlines recently launched daily nonstop flights from the U.S. (Houston) to Belize City. This means that if you own a Belize vacation home or an investment in Belize ... (read more)

October 10, 2015 - Buying (or Building) Your Belize Vacation Home

Belize is a popular destination for people considering buying vacation homes (or homes for their retirement).  A Belize vacation home can serve as getaway for non-resident ... (read more)

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September 28, 2015 - Buying Property in Placencia

The sparkling Caribbean on one side, Mayan Mountains and lush lagoon on the other, real estate right on the beach.  You must be in Placencia, a narrow and sandy peninsula along ... (read more)

August 10, 2015 - Buying Beachfront Property in Belize

Excuse the lack of profundity, but there are two main factors that make a country a good place to buy beachfront property: 1) the amount of beach; and 2) the prices.  If you’ve seen a map of ... (read more)

March 1, 2015 - Real Estate Development in San Pedro and the Cayes

The small city of San Pedro is located on Ambergris Caye, the wealthiest, tourist-populated destination in Belize.  Ambergis Caye is a small island (caye) of only a few ... (read more)

June 21, 2014 - The Real State of Buying Real Estate in Belize

Say that five times fast. Belize continues to be renowned (although often under the radar) as one of the easiest countries in Central America to buy land and real estate ... (read more)

November 11, 2013 - Real Estate Development in Corozal

You’re looking into buying a home in Belize or buying land in Belize. A good starting point might be in a place the AARP named the one of the best places to retire in the world ... (read more)

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