February 2, 2016 - Economic Bright Spots Amid the Global Storms

The first month of the year has featured continued stagnation in Europe, a free fall in the price of oil, and capital flight from emerging markets.  The epicenter of these problems has been China.  

For the past year, the economic picture in China has been becoming grimmer and grimmer.  Consumer demand is plummeting, debt is skyrocketing, and indebted Chinese companies are putting increasing pressure on the government, which has taken measures during the past year that have made matters worse, if anything.  Some analysts see an atmosphere similar to the beginning of the 2008 recession, and while we personally at Wrobel & Co., Attorneys at Law, do not agree with the severity of that assessment, simply the fact it's being made by some paints a potentially dark portrait.

The Institute of International Finance estimates that US$735 billion in capital was taken out of emerging markets in 2015, a trend that has continued through the first month of 2016.  The majority of this capital fled from the Chinese economy, and all signs indicate more is on the way out.  But more importantly for the rest of the world, and your money, is the ripple effects that the state of China's economy is having elsewhere.  The slowdown has meant a decrease in consumer demand, mostly sharply felt in commodities.  Countries that have been supplying commodities to China - copper from Chile, natural gas from Australia, coal from India, etc. - are being hit hard.  Oil producers are being left sitting on even more oil in an already inundated market.  

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In the U.S. stocks are down substantially during the first month plus of 2016, despite the fact that most economic indicators are stable and its growth in GDP is predicted to be higher than that of other developed nations. A possible island of stability during the coming year, but hardly an easy one to trust.  

On the other hand, safer havens for your money do exist.  For instance, while the Dow Jones and European markets were both down in real terms in 2015, the Jamaican Stock Exchange was up more than 80 percent in 2015.  This makes Jamaican the highest performing stock market of the 92 major indexes around the world.  (If you’re interested in setting up an offshore company or investing in Jamaica, our Belize law office has affiliates in the country, and we’re happy to make a referral. Contact us today.)

Another bright spot: Belize, of course.  Belize is recognized around the world as one of the best tax havens for offshore banking, offshore brokerage, international business companies (Belize IBCs), limited liability companies, FOREX accounts, offshore foundations, and offshore trusts.  Why?  Because:

  • Belize offshore companies are exempt from all forms of taxation
  • Belize offshore companies have full asset protection from confiscation orders or similar actions by the governments of other countries
  • Belize offshore companies can be incorporated in any language
  • Only one shareholder and one director or required for Belize offshore companies, and both can be held by the same person
  • The beneficial owner's information and that of shareholders of Belize offshore companies will not be disclosed to the public
  • Only the shareholder has access to the shares register of Belize offshore companies
  • Both registered and bearer shares are permitted for Belize offshore companies
  • Neither directors of shareholders of Belize offshore companies are required to hold meetings
  • Belize offshore companies can open bank accounts and do business with banks of any nationality


When you form a Belize international business company or another offshore mechanism with our Belize law firm, you are guaranteed to work with a Belize lawyer who knows the legal system and has experience with offshore accounting. Let us show you why Belize is the best country for offshore investment opportunities.

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