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November 23 - Ireland Loses Its Offshore Cache and Belize is Still the Best Country for Offshore Services

Ireland has been known for its corporate-friendly atmosphere for a while now. With a 12.5% corporate tax rate, the country has lured operations from some of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and Pfizer. The Irish economy has been reaping benefits in jobs and especially in tax receipts, which are on pace to total more than $5 billion during the current year.

But during the past few years, Ireland has quickly been losing its tax haven reputation. Other European countries have accused Ireland of unfair tax practices, and bodies such as the European Commission have been investigating corporate tax breaks and deals given to multinational corporations who move their headquarters to Ireland. In response, Ireland has steadily drawn its rates and loopholes more in line with its European neighbors.

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This is part of a continuing trend in the West, especially Europe, of targeting overseas investors and their money. (Read more here.) Which might lead you to ask: where is the best place to avoid taxes?

Well, Belize looks better than ever.  Belize offshore companies benefit from huge advantages including lack of foreign controls, tax-free or tax-exempt laws for corporations, confidentially, and a generally welcoming legal and cultural atmosphere.

Other advantages of investing in Belize? The country is English-speaking, a politically stable democracy, and extremely safe for residents and non-residents alike. Belize international business companies (Belize IBCs), Belize limited liability companies, Belize offshore trusts, and Belize offshore foundations are only a few of the investment tools you can explore in a confidential, tax-exempt atmosphere. To learn more, contact our Belize offshore attorneys today by clicking here.


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