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July 18, 2015 - The U.S. Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, and Your Money

Where is my money safe?

For anybody looking at the economic state of affairs around the world today, it's a pertinent question. The European common currency is teetering, China's growth is hitting a great wall, and geopolitics threaten stability in much of the developing world. Now the Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve in the United States, Janet Yellin, is issuing warnings of her own.

Yellin's particular warnings had to do with an opposition effort by Republicans to increase federal oversight of the Fed's operations. At a House Financial Services Committee hearing this week, Yellin said such oversight would hamper, "the Federal Reserve’s ability to make policy in the long-run best interest of American families and businesses." Republicans counter that lack of transparency and clear direction on behalf of the Fed keeps the U.S. economy underperforming.

The purpose here is not to argue the specifics, but rather point out a general trend in American economics vis-a-vis American politics. As evidenced by the government shutdown and 11th hour posturing over the debt ceiling - which led to a Moody's downgrade of U.S. credit worthiness! - continued partisan fracturing in the United States between Democrats and Republicans threatens what has been a bright spot in the world economy. (Oh, and the U.S.'s largest export market, Canada, is now officially in recession as of this week.)

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So ask yourself again: where is my money safe?

Look no further than Belize. Our democratic political system is stable and secure. When it comes to being friendly towards international investing, offshore banking, and international business companies (IBCs), no political controversy exists. Belize offers a wide array of offshore investment opportunities and is offshore investor-friendly, providing confidentiality, tax-exempt corporations, and lack of foreign exchange controls. Belize is known as being one of the best countries for offshore investment. Learn more today.


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