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July 8, 2015 - "Move Your Ass(ets) Now!" - Part II

My source in Madrid is as emphatic as ever. If your money is tied up in the Eurozone, your money is in trouble.

During this last weekend's referendum, voters in Greece voted to "No" to the bailout package offered (or rather "coerced") by the so-called troika of European financial institutions (the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission). This vote serves as a "No" to continued participation in the European Union (at least the monetary union as it is currently constituted). And the vote, 61%-39%, wasn't even that close. The fallout: Greece seems more likely than ever to leave the euro.

European leaders, most prominently among them Germany's Angela Merkel, have been repeating the mantra for years: If the euro fails, Europe fails." Well, the writing is on the wall, and the the question inevitably will not be: will there be another Greece? but rather, "Who will be the next Greece?"

Spain is dealing with an unemployment rate that is still terribly high, at almost 23 percent and real income per capita that is still down 7 percent from its "pre-crisis" level.

If Spain is not the next domino to fall, then Portugal will be. Or Italy will be. But on its current trajectory, with the exception of drastic structural changes to the euro, another domino will most likely fall.

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Even countries outside of the Eurozone (which therefore are not wearing financial straightjackets) are worrying about the fallout. A collapsing bond market in the Ukraine is evidence of these concerns. Investors used to believe that the bond market was a no-lose situation, meaning that the International Monetary Fund or Russia would bail out public sector debt (depending on geopolitical momentum). Now, not so much. Europe is on the brink.

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