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April 11, 2015 - New Zealand Ceasing to Become a Safe Haven for FOREX

Beginning earlier this year, New Zealand authorities have been scrutinising foreign exchange currency trading firms, especially new applications.

New Zealand had been one of the best offshore jurisdictions for opening FOREX brokerage firms and accounts, with low regulatory obstacles. Yet recently the country’s financial services watchdog, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), has been taking a hardline against new applicants and vigorously investigating the offshore business activities of current brokerage firms operating from New Zealand. The catalyst for this change has been partly due to accusations of unethical operations by some of the largest FOREX firms in the nation, part of a wave of scandals affecting every aspect of its business community.

In Belize, the process is simple and fast; however, the country’s commission overseeing applications for new Belize FOREX brokerage firms does its best to ensure the operations of the proposed firm will be legit. Belize wants to make it as easy as possible for foreign owners and investors to participate in the foreign exchange markets, but it also defends its reputation as a legitimate home for such offshore investment activity.

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If you’re a foreign currency exchange (FOREX) brokerage firm owner or interested in exploring this offshore opportunity, Belize is one of the best options in the world. Applying for a FOREX business license is extremely simple.

A Belize FOREX trading license permits your company to legally do the following:

  • Operate as a FOREX brokerage firm
  • Provide a full array of brokerage services to clients
  • Provide an online platform for your clients to do their own FOREX trading
  • Provide managed FOREX trading options
  • Process debit card payments and credits of client accounts

To explore applying for a Belize FOREX trading license today, or to learn more about additional offshore opportunities in Belize, please contact Wrobel & Co., Attorneys at Law.


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