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March 10, 2015 - Belize Offshore Companies and Legal Requirements

The founders and shareholders of offshore companies are increasingly faced with bank regulations and international laws that make opening and running such companies more and more difficult.

Say you open a Belize offshore company or offshore corporation, taking advantage of an investor-friendly environment, confidentiality, and Belize's reputation as one of the best countries for offshore accounts and international banking. Or say you open a Belize offshore trust or Belize offshore foundation or desire access to other special investment opportunities in a climate lacking foreign exchange controls.

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Suddenly, your Belize international business company (IBC) is facing what feels like harassment by a new bank compliance unit at your international bank due to new changes in international money laundering laws. Suddenly, your bank is telling you that they need to have data to support your IBC business activities, not simply state your IBC business activities. And so on - the process of opening an international bank account in support of an international business company is more and more complicated each year.

There are many places to go to for Belize IBC formation. But you don't want to trust just anybody with the process. You could end up with a Belize IBC but no corresponding bank account, for instance, and good luck with that. So find a firm with a solid reputation, legal expertise, and complete IBC packages that include international business company incorporation in Belize, a bank account, a nominee director, and a full nominee shareholder service.

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