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Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-Law, began more than a decade ago as a boutique law firm focusing on real estate and business law in Belize.

During the past 12 years, as we've responded to additional clients' needs, our competent, established team has branched out into other legal services, which include international financial services, retirement services, and intellectual property law, among others.  Please visit our Legal Services page to explore everything we offer.

As we've grown from a small customer-focused firm to a larger customer-focused firm with an international reach, our focus has never wavered.  We've always aimed to make Belize home for our clients and their investments.

Our office in Belize City (and now in San Pedro) is part of the Belizean community.  We are at home here, and we want to make you feel at home as well.

Wrobel & Co, Attorneys-at-Law, has quickly gained the trust and appreciation of numerous clients under the direction of Mr. Wrobel.  But don't take it from us.  Visit our Client Testimonials page.

Lastly, we invite you to read a Letter from the Managing Partner about what Belize might mean for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We'd love to learn more about you. Contact us today.

Managing Partner

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Our Managing Partner Ryan John Wrobel was born in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. Spending his formative years in Western New York, Mr. Wrobel often travelled over the international border to nearby Ontario, Canada and took an early interest in International travel, culture and affairs.

After completing high school, he began the pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Pre-Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo). During his time in University, Mr. Wrobel was nominated for the 1999 Robert H. Stern Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Paper in Political Science relating to a research paper he wrote entitled "Human Rights Conditions in Jamaica."

Upon graduation from University, Mr. Wrobel immediately entered the Law School at SUNY-Buffalo where he concentrated on international law. He enriched his law school experience by taking part in two international study abroad programs during the summers, first in Barbados with the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, and later at University College London in the United Kingdom.

While at the University of the West Indies-Cave Hill in Barbados, our Managing Partner was introduced to foreign investment and international financial services law in the Commonwealth Caribbean. The introduction to West Indian culture proved to have a lasting effect on Mr. Wrobel and from that point forward he became interested in the opportunity to someday live and practice in the region.

Rather than immediately entering the practice of law upon graduation from law school, Mr. Wrobel instead decided to continue his legal education at an institution that he had been introduced to earlier, University College London. The pursuit of a Masters of Laws at UCL was an enriching experience for him. He not only was able to gain knowledge of the law from an English perspective at a distinguished institution with graduates such as Mahatma Gandhi, but he was also able to interact with colleagues from around the world. Spending over a year in educationally and culturally enhancing environment of cosmopolitan London, Mr. Wrobel was also availed the opportunity visit numerous countries in Continental Europe. The time in London solidified Mr. Wrobel's resolve to pursue a career outside of his birth nation and persevere to follow the path to achieve his global goals and interests. During his time at University College London, he was a recipient of the UCL Faculty's Bentham Award for exceptionally well qualified overseas graduates, and also had an article on the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute published in the American Bar Association's International Law News journal.

After returning to the United States with a Master's Degree in Law from UCL, Mr. Wrobel sat for and passed the New York State Bar Exam and was called to the New York State Bar in 2004. He started his career as a sole practitioner in Buffalo, New York. In order to serve his clients, Mr. Wrobel was called to the United States District Court and the United States Bankruptcy Court, both for the Western District of New York State. Although the practice of law in New York proved to be a good experience, it did not satisfy Mr. Wrobel's desire to work within the realm of international law, thus in 2005 he made the decision to migrate to Belize. Belize is a country that he had visited numerous times since 1999 and had a great interest and involvement in since 1996.

Upon moving to Belize, our Managing Partner enrolled in the Belize Tourism Board's Tour Guide Training Course in order to learn more about his new home. Mr. Wrobel also began consulting for the Big Four professional services firm of Deloitte & Touche Belize in Belize City, where he began to manage Deloitte's Corporate & Legal Department. Over the years Mr. Wrobel has gained a wealth of experience relating to the legal system in Belize, with a special focus on real estate transactions and company law. He has travelled throughout the nation and has developed a strong bond with its culture, people and way of life. Mr. Wrobel sits on the Board of Trustees of the Scouts Endowment Fund, a trust fund which raises money to support the Scout Association of Belize and was elected as the Treasurer of the American Chamber of Commerce of Belize (AMCHAM-Belize). He is also a member of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize (AREBB), Belize International Financial Services Association (BISFA), and the Belize Museum of History. Mr. Wrobel is also a Welfare Committee Member of the Royal British Legion – Belize Branch. Recently Mr. Wrobel was also elected as Director and Committee Member of the Belize Rifle Club. He was appointed as a Notary Public in New York State in 2004, as well as being appointed by the Attorney General of Belize as a Justice of the Peace in 2008.

In order to further his dream to practice law and further his career in Belize, Mr. Wrobel entered Norman Manley Law School's Six Month Programme in Kingston, Jamaica. The time spent at Norman Manley Law School was extremely beneficial to him, as he was not only able to learn more about the practise of law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, but also able to establish solid contacts with legal practitioners from across the region. Ryan J. Wrobel was called to the Belize Bar in September 2009 and opened the law firm of Wrobel & Co., as well as the corporate service firm of British Honduras Professionals Ltd. shortly thereafter. He was subsequently called to the Jamaican Bar in 2010 and admitted to the United States District Courts for both the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York in 2011.

Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-Law has quickly gained the trust and appreciation of numerous clients under the direction of Mr. Wrobel. The firm continues to provide services to an international client base from the main office in Belize City, as well as from affiliate offices in New York City and Kingston, Jamaica.


Yolanda A. Centeno, J.D., C.L.E., Attorney-at-Law

Yolanda joined Wrobel & Co in July 2018.  Her wealth of legal expertise and experience serves the firm's clients well on a variety of legal matters.  (She's a former magistrate!)

Yolanda earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Pre-Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo).  She stayed in New York, where she attended SUNY-Buffalo Law School, focusing on transactional practice and real property law.  During this period, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, burnishing her knowledge of commercial law & transactions, and she also held a Judicial Clerkship with the New York Supreme Court, Civil Part, 8th Judicial District in Buffalo.

After graduating law school in 2004, Yolanda moved back to Belize in 2005 and worked as law clerk in real property department of Deloitte & Touche, where she gained experience in, and a love of, real property management, sales and transactions.  In 2008, she returned to the United States and became Closing Attorney/ Supervisor at the Florida REO Closing Department.  In 2011, she again returned to beautiful Belize, where she worked as Law Clerk for a local criminal practice attorney, then decided to pursue her Certificate of Legal Education.  She attended Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica, which she completed in May 2012.

Yolanda was appointed as Magistrate in 2013 and worked in this capacity for five years, learning the ins and outs of nearly every part of the legal code.

picture of belize law firm Yolanda - Belize law firm Belize lawyers Belize attorneys belize legal services law office itzana luxury real estate lawye

Yolanda was born in Belize, and grew up here, in Jamaica, and upstate New York.  She has been admitted to the bar in Belize, New York, and Florida, which gives her an excellent understanding of the needs of expats moving to Belize.

Tiffara Castillo, Human Resources and Accounting Associate

Tiffara Castillo joined Wrobel & Co. in March 2017.  She has immediately made a positive impact through her level of professionalism and responsibility.  

As the Legal Receptionist, Tiffara warmly welcomes guests, manages communication between clients and personnel, and her positive and welcoming attitude conveys to potential and current customers that we are interested in them and their needs.

belize law firm staff manager TIFFARA - Belize law office Belize legal office Belize law firm attorneys itzana luxury real estate lawyers

Tiffara was born and raised right here in Belize City.  She graduated from Wesley College and received a Legal Secretary Certificate from University of West Indies.  She identifies as Garifuna (Amerindian and African) and has three beautiful children.

Miguelli Alamilla, J.P., Closing Supervisor

Miguelli has been with Wrobel & Co., since its office opened on Barrack Road in October, 2010. She started as a Legal Assistant to Attorney Ryan Wrobel and was promoted to Closing Supervisor in 2013. In this capacity, Miguelli strives to make clients 100% satisfied with their experience with both the staff and services. 

Miguelli is an island girl, whose family is from Caye Caulker. She split her childhood between Caye Caulker and Belize City where she attended school. She wishes to pursue her education at the Oxford University in London England to get her law degree. Miguelli is responsible for handling real estate services, acquiring work permits, and developing relationships with officials and partners in Belmopan.

picture of belize law firm Miguelli - Belize law firm Belize lawyers Belize attorneys belize legal services law office itzana luxury real estate lawye

Rashida Kira Sedacy, Corporate & QRP Services Coordinator

Rashida joined Wrobel & Co. in October 2016.  She began as a legal assistant but in early 2017 was promoted to IBC and QRP Specialist due to her determination, reliability, and calm demeanor.

Her duties include assisting in preparing and managing clients files, corresponding with clients and guests, and helping maintain a welcoming and comfortable professional environment at the firm.

picture of law firm staff RASHIDA Belize law firm assistant Belize lawyers Belize attorneys belize legal services itzana luxury real estate attorney

Rashida's family background is in Bermudian Landing/Flowers Bank, but she has lived in Belize City her entire life.  After graduating from Canaan Seventh Day Adventist School, she was majoring in Pharmacology at the University of Belize until she decided to change her major to Paralegal Studies once she immersed herself in the legal work of Wrobel & Co. In her words, "I strive to become an outstanding woman not only for myself but also for my organization."  

Aaliyah Cuello, Legal Assistant

Aaliyah joined Wrobel & Co. in May 2017.  She is a quiet and reserved woman by nature, but also friendly and approachable.  

Aaliyah focuses on Belize real estate matters at the firm, assisting clients with every aspect of purchasing and selling property in the country.  She has proven to be a quick, capable learner, and somebody clients enjoy interacting with.

belize law firm staff - AALIYAH -  Belize law office Belize legal office Belize law firm attorneys lawyers itzana luxury real estate.jpg

Aaliyah was born in Belize City but raised in Orange Walk along with one older sister and two younger brothers.  She graduated from Muffles Junior College in 2014 and the University of Belize in 2016.  Her hobbies include TV shows and cosmetics.

Angeli Carillo, Legal Receptionist

Angeli Carillo is our newest recruit, joining Wrobel & Co. in March 2018 as a Legal Receptionist. She’s responsible for handling communications with our clients and is likely to be the first person you meet when you contact our law firm!

Angeli was born in Corozal, she is the eldest of three siblings with a younger brother and sister. Angeli was raised in Orange Walk and attended Muffles Junior College (along with our fabulous Legal Assistant, Aaliyah!) where she majored in Economics & Business Administration.

Angeli loves the outdoors! She has a passion for exploring her homeland, Belize, and everything it has to offer. Being a member of the Belize Humane Society she especially has a passion for animals.

Interesting fact about Angeli: she was a vegetarian for three years before her favourite dish, Relleno, called her back to the carnivorous life. Welcome back Angeli! And welcome to the Belize law firm!

James Miller, Director of Business and Systems

James joined Wrobel & Co. in June 2015 as a financial consultant charged with keeping clients updated on domestic and international economic trends so they can make fully informed real estate, retirement, and offshore investment decisions. He continues to act in this capacity, as well as handle staff relations, human resources, and business operations. He has undergraduate degrees in Political Science and History from Fordham University, as well as a Master's in International Relations from City College of New York, and enjoys analyzing the way these areas of study interconnect.    

Photo of James by Belize lawyers, Belize attorneys, Belize offshore business company expert, Belize international business company expert belize law firm belize real estate scams

James travels extensively to scout new market trends, but is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States, which means he has had his heart broken by terrible sports teams multiple times every year since he's been alive ... until LeBron finally brought a championship home!  His favorite restaurant in Belize City is Nerie's.  He recommends the stewed lobster.

Jane Díaz, Marketing Manager

Jane joined Wrobel & in Co. in the sweet and sweaty summer of June 2015 as a Social Media Consultant and today manages the law firm's online presence. Her main duty is to help keep the Wrobel & Co. staff connected and engaged with their audience and clients via social media, online forums, newsletters, etc, both in English and in Spanish.

Jane graduated from the UC San Diego in California with a degree in Communications. She was born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, aka the Ellis Island of Latinos. She is fluent in Spanish, gets by in Portuguese and some French. Before going on a three week honeymoon in Japan, she hurt her tongue teaching herself Japanese but said it was all worth it when one night, she communicated to a local, "Hello, I am from California. Two glasses of wine please. Thank you very much."

pictue of Markketing Director - best belize lawyer - itzana Luxury real estate belize attorney itzana beachfront properties belize law firm

When Jane is not working or traveling Latin America, at home she is an active member of the improv theatre and the Toastmaster’s public speaking organisation, she’s also passionate about dancing salsa - all this to say that she loves being the center of attention. When she is not in the spotlight, she surrenders to reading or petting whatever furry animal in sight. Her favorite place in Belize is the Belize “Zoo.” She advises against trying to pet anything there.

Philipp Neubauer, Financial Consultant

Philipp hails from Vienna, Austria. He assists our firm in the accounting department, and he trains our staff to meet budget demands. He graduated from the FHWien University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria and earned a BA in Management & Entrepreneurship. With the experience that he’ll gain here in Belize, Philipp plans to apply to the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

As a certified ski and snowboard instructor, Philipp is no stranger to adventure, and Belize is just the place for him to expand his horizons outside the snow.

Photo of Austria intern belize law firm belize law office belize attorneys belize lawyers hide money in Belize

Selva Velarde, Spanish Legal Assistant

Selva, Spanish for Jungle, Hails from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, (Faithful Cross of the Mountains). Selva is in charge of the correspondence with the Spanish speaking clients of our firm. So chances are that if you are reading this, you may not come across Selva in your dealings with us. Selva studied Business Administration in Santa Cruz graduating in 2014 and has experience in the real estate and legal fields in Bolivia. She has also worked as a Spanish teacher. Selva is a tri-lingualist, having lived and worked in France and with an Australian boyfriend to practice her English with. Yoga lover and runner in training!

picture of spanish legal assistant  belize lawyer - itzana Luxury real estate belize attorney itzana beachfront properties belize law firm

J. Bartholomew McGillicutty III, Esq., CRRL, Legal Intern

J. Bartholomew joined Wrobel & Co. in December 2015 as an office intern.  Originally from Sligo, Ireland, he has an undergraduate degree in religious studies from Dublin University, an undergraduate degree in theology from Yale University in the United States,  and a graduate degree in world religions from McGill University in Montreal.  At McGill, he achieved “International Person of Mystery” status at the plenary session of the Third Canadian Council for his accomplishments on behalf of the Americas.

Jinx photo by belize lawyers belize attorneys belize real estate scams belize offshore companies invest in belize law office belize buy real estate  

In October 2015, J. Bartholomew was expelled from Canada for undisclosed reasons, sparking his interest in the law, in particular immigration law.  He plans to pursue his law degree in the near future, and is extremely appreciative and proud to learn and hone his craft at Wrobel & Co.  A strict adherent to the Paleo diet, J. Bartholomew has taken to Belize’s famous bush meat, and spends his weekends masterminding new plots and stratagems on behalf of the firm’s clients.  

To speak with a member of our team, please contact us today.

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